About us

For 50 years, Loxam has focused exclusively on equipment rental to professionals.

Striving to deliver only premium services to demanding customers, Loxam provides a comprehensive range through its 750-branch International network.

The Group went from pioneer to european Leader in 50 years and now operates out of 22 countries: France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Morocco, Norway, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Colombia and Middle East.

The Loxam Group has a long standing quality policy (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, MASE, VCA certifications) as well as a strong social and environmental commitment, placing the highest importance in the quality of service and safety of equipment delivered to its customers.

Thanks to the confidence of its 250,000 customers and dedication of its 7,500 employees, Loxam is a major player on the European equipment rental market for Construction, Industry, Distribution, Maintenance and Event sectors.

Loxam also rents to individuals who require professional equipment, either directly or via its partners’ networks.

In 2015, Loxam was assessed for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by the certification body SGS. Following the analysis of 400 criteria among its customers, services providers, stakeholders and staff, Loxam received level 3 of standard ISO 26000. Loxam thus became the first equipment rental company in the world to receive this distinction.

In the midst of the financial crisis which hit the entire European construction sector, Loxam focussed its efforts on incorporating its recent acquisitions while pursuing its development strategy with the reinforcement of its generalist activities (acquisition of Locarest in France, Locamachine in Belgium and Stammis in the Netherlands). In 2010, the Group began to expand outside of Europe, firstly in Morocco and then in Brazil. In 2015, Loxam bought Hertz Equipment Rental France and Spain, and also became the first equipment rental company in the world to obtain level 3 in standard 26000 for its CSR policy.

In 2017, Loxam celebrated its 50th anniversary. The acquisitions of the British firm Lavendon (established in the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and the Middle East) and the Hune group (Spain, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Colombia) consolidated its international development. In the same year, the Group made its first foray into Italy with the acquisition of Nacanco and reinforced its European generalist network with the acquisitions of Cramo in Denmark and Swan in Ireland.

At the end of 2017, Loxam had become the European leader in equipment rental and the world number 5, also owning the world’s third largest fleet of powered access equipment.