Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR: more than a commitment, a way of being

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been a key concern for Loxam. This ethical approach was established as a cultural norm at the point of inception in the 1960’s. The very concept of renting equipment is directly related to the notions of sustainability and recycling strategies. As such, ensuring a streamlined and efficient environmental structure, promoting employees, encouraging diversity and enforcing ethical guidelines are principles that have formed the cornerstones of the Group over the last 50 years. Being a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact initiative since 2015 is the perfect embodiment of this commitment.

Our CSR strategy, structured around five pledges, comes to life in the form of concrete day-to-day commitments and continuous progress. Throughout the years, Loxam has earned the recognition of certifying bodies and received numerous awards. Today, Loxam is ranked among the best in the rental sector by independent extra-financial rating agencies, such as Sustainalytics, V.E (Vigeo-Eiris) or Ecovadis.


Pledge n°1

Make Loxam widespread local presence an opportunity for communities

This day-to-day commitment results in actions to develop local economies. Loxam branches, in addition to offering direct employment, create further employment opportunities in its local supply chain with three FTE’s in each Depot being third party suppliers to the business.  Offering a local customer service by leveraging the density of its network to be close to its customers, combined with new digital services, is also part of the Group’s core values. Furthermore, companies must contribute to the common interest. Loxam is fully committed to this goal by supporting, amongst others, cultural, sporting and social development. The ‘Loxamed’ initiative to face the 2020 health emergency demonstrates innovation in this concern.


Pledge n°2

Guarantee safety anytime and anywhere

Safeguarding employees safety through training and awareness actions whilst helping customers to develop a safety culture are core Group priorities. Keeping employees and customers fully informed of equipment-related risks, emphasizing the importance of proper usage and helping them make the best use of equipment over the rental period is a matter of responsibility. Loxam also strives to offer increasingly reliable and efficient equipment that meets market requirements. Safety meetings, – involving more than 200 customers, suppliers and partners each year -, demonstrates Loxam’s willingness to move its entire ecosystem forward on safety issues.

Pledge n°3

Take action to protect the environment

At Loxam, safeguarding the environment is second nature throughout its supply chain. The Group aims to reduce water and energy consumption on its entire network, optimize transport logistics, provide new equipment with alternative engines and promote recycling. The Goods Recycling Depot, based in France, initially set up in 1981, has been spearheading the Group’s long-standing commitment. The site, which covers over one hectare, is tasked with managing the entire life cycle of the Group’s machines, from purchasing (preparation, visual identity, etc.) to recycling, in accordance with stringent safety and environmental regulations.

Be in line with the Paris Climate Agreement

Loxam is resolutely in its commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. With the help of the Carbone4 consultancy, Loxam calculated the carbon footprint for all its emissions, both direct and indirect. This exercise reinforced the will to build a path, at Group level, to reduce all emissions in order to be in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. Since 57% of Loxam emissions come from customers’ use of equipment, representing indirect emissions for Loxam but direct emissions for its customers, motivating and encouraging customers to use alternative equipment is an important goal. The development of the Loxgreen and Ramigreen ranges embodies this strategy. In 2022, more than 99% of the Group capital expenditure is directed toward green or Stage V equipment.



Pledge n°4

Contribute to the development of Loxam employees

Protecting Health and Safety is a foundation of our employer’s commitment to the workforce. Within the Group, stringent training policies as well as a Group Training Centre, opened in 2008 in Bagneux, enable employees to gain more insight into their profession, keep them abreast of the latest developments and enabling them to grow within the company. Loxam uses contemporary learning tools and solutions such as integrated immersive virtual reality which simulates real-life conditions and promotes better adoption of safety behaviours. It goes without saying that sharing know-how, maintaining good and healthy relations within the company and ensuring teams’ well-being are critical for a Group that relies so heavily on its people for success.

Pledge n°5

Lead by example with stringent professional ethics

The requirement for professional ethics, throughout Loxam supply chain, has always been part of its identity. Systematic dissemination of the Code of Ethics, the development of a rigorous and confidential Whistleblowing Procedure and training of all employees ensures everyone’s commitment in an increasingly demanding path towards business ethics. As part of Loxam duty of care, a risk analysis throughout the supply chain is carried out, in order to better understand, manage and mitigate the risks in the future.

2021, moving forward the CSR agenda

Since Loxam strongly believes that CSR is a source of continuous progress, it will not stop there. The Group is committed to accelerating and growing in this area by implementing a new progress plan from 2021. The definition of an ambitious path to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 will strengthen its commitment toward climate change. As a committed employer, Loxam is renewing its promises and moving forward in terms of diversity, training, promotion and safety. All employees are encouraged to take the initiative and contribute either as individuals or in their teams and each Business Unit is structuring its action plan in this respect. Loxam intends to be a source of ideas and become a CSR ambassador in its sector to guarantee a sustainable and supportive future that protects the environment and is open to all forms of diversity.

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